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 Jiangxi Bio-new Products, New Project Development Plan
First, anti-venom serum.
Second, horse broken cold immunoglobulins.
Third, anti-toxin and immune serum other products.


 Technical Center Job Responsibilities and Management Process
  Article 1 Purpose
  1.1 Clarify the work responsibilities of the technical center and standardize the department's work flow.
Article 2 Scope
  2.1 Daily work of the technical center.
  Article 3 Content
  3.1 Technical Center Functions
  3.1.1 Responsible for organizing, revising, and improving technical documents such as product inspection standards for product processes, feeds, semi-finished products, and finished products, and issuing relevant departments to supervise and implement them;
  3.1.2 Improve existing products and processes, develop new products, and design new products according to the company's development and market needs.
  3.1.3 According to the needs of the company's development, study the potential needs of the market and users, formulate the medium and long-term planning and capital budget of the technology R&D center; promptly propose the research and development direction and research topics, and be responsible for organizing the review of the proposed research and development direction or project. To ensure that the subject is forward-looking, operational and realistic.
  3.1.4 The verification of the technology, process and quality of the new product after development and development;
  3.1.5 Responsible for all kinds of technical information and data collection, collation, analysis, research summary, archiving and custodial work, in order to gradually achieve the company's sales objectives, provide a reliable guidance.
  3.1.6 Provide relevant technical information to relevant departments;
  3.1.7 Responsible for the research and development of the company's projects, the transformation of results, patent declaration, identification of results, publication of papers, etc.;
  3.1.8 Complete other tasks arranged by the company.
  3.2 Workflow
  3.2.1 Preparation of standards and process documents Collect relevant national standards, industry standards, laws and regulations, and increase and improve corporate standards and process documents; After the completion of the first draft, it shall be reviewed by the technical center, and then revised and submitted to the department head for review; After approval, the approval shall be submitted to the general manager or management representative of the company for approval; The approved documents should be issued to relevant departments in a timely manner and explained accordingly; Receive and return the waste documents, and do a good job in the issuance, recycling and archiving of documents.
  3.2.2 Product, process improvement and new product development, in accordance with the "Design and Development" provisions of the quality management system
  3.2.3 Patent declaration, achievement identification, paper publication Prepare the materials and submit them to the general manager for approval after review by the department head; Contact relevant external departments to formulate work plans for material approval, expert appraisal, etc.; Arrange the progress of the work according to the plan, and adjust it in time if there are special circumstances; Archive and obtain documents such as certificates and appraisal reports in a timely manner.
  3.2.4 Provide technical information to other departments in a timely manner, and carefully fill out the document issuance and recycling records.
  Article 4 These Measures shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation.