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Name: Jiangxi Biological Products Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Address: National Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province


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A pioneer in realizing the modern pharmaceutical industry chain!
A revolutionary that breaks the traditional biopharmaceutical!
An innovator who uses technology to enhance competitiveness!
A practitioner who cares about health and ensures drug safety!
Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products Inc.("Jiangsheng") is leading the new height of China's biomedical industry with the trend of riding the wind and breaking waves!
  Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products Inc. was founded in 1969. Its original name was Jiangxi Branch of the Shanghai Institute of Biological Products of the Ministry of Health. It has nearly 50 years of biopharmaceutical history. In 2002, it was restructured into a limited liability company. It is currently the largest high-tech leading enterprise specialized in the research, production and sales of anti-toxin and immune serum biological products in China. In December 2017, the company implemented a shareholding system transformation with a registered capital of 80 million yuan. The first phase of the company has a biopharmaceutical production workshop in line with GMP standards, the largest experimental animal center in Jiangxi Province, a provincial-level enterprise technology center, and a GMP-compliant product. Immune Technology R&D Center. In Zhangye City, Gansu Province, the company has established the largest and highest standard GMP-compliant immune horse plasma base in China; it has established 200,000 mu of grassland in Weinan City, Gansu Province, and is the largest breeding base for horses in the world.
  The company's main products are tetanus antitoxin (immunoglobulin), pregnant horse serum, concurrently with chlorine dioxide, povidone iodine, and enhanced glutaraldehyde and other chemical products; breeding experimental animals, biotechnology extension services. The company has 22 independent invention and utility model patents, filling the domestic gap. The leading product, tetanus antitoxin, has won the “Seventh ASEAN Chinese Medicine Academic Conference Gold Award and Jiangxi Province Excellent New Product”.   The production and sales capacity of leading products is the first in China. In addition to the domestic market share of more than 68%, the products are also exported to more than 30 overseas countries and regions.
  The company is a provincial high-tech enterprise, a provincial-level enterprise technology center, and a municipal experimental animal center. It has more than 10,000 square meters of production, testing and research and development sites. It is equipped with high-end professional R&D analysis, testing equipment and instruments, and is responsible for related scientific research projects. In the laboratory and other work, a number of new products have been expanded to large-scale industrial production through small-scale production in laboratories, with strong research and development capabilities and ability to transform scientific and technological achievements.
The company has always adhered to the strategy of people-oriented, internal training and training, and the introduction of talents. The company has a group of high-quality management, technology, research and development talents, the company is through comprehensive, multi-channel recruitment and meticulous training, talent strength is more and more substantial, technical strength is more and more strong.
  Based on the development of key technologies for anti-serum products, the company gathers scientific research, teaching, promotion and technical service talents, relies on the demonstration base, coordinates and coordinates, realizes the project to drive talents, and effectively promotes the improvement of our anti-serum product production technology. It has successively carried out cooperation and exchanges between industry, university and research institutes with many well-known institutions in China. The company organized and hosted the “2007 National Symposium on Anti-Toxin and Immune Serum Production Quality”; it undertook research and implementation of the project of “Key Technology Research on Biological and New Pharmaceutical Industry Development” of major science and technology projects in Jiangxi Province. Relying on the strong academic base of the university, the company effectively organizes and uses social resources for enterprise projects and technological innovation services, enhances the company's overall R&D level and capabilities, and forms an integration of production, learning, research and sales, and accelerates industrial technology. Upgrade.
  The company has successively won the "National Advanced Work Group", "Jiangxi Province's Advanced Group", "Jiangxi High-tech Enterprise", "Jiangxi Enterprise Technology Center", "Ji'an Key Experimental Animal Center", "Provincial Level" Private technology enterprises, "Ji'an City, abide by the contract and heavy credit enterprise", "Ji'an top ten private technology enterprises." The company's products won the "Seventh ASEAN Chinese Medicine Academic Conference Gold Award Product", "Jiangxi Province Excellent New Product", "Ji'an Regional Science and Technology Progress Award", "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization", "Party Construction Work Good Brand", "Civilized Unit" , "Workers Pioneer", "large taxpayers" and other honors.
  The company advocates science and technology to guard health as duty, follows the piople&learning oriented management thinking,and mission of "Manufacturing the Drugs of High Quality for global people". In accordance with the strategic goal of building a "global serum base", we will introduce new technologies, new processes and new products with international advanced level. Implementation of the project to drive the strategy to accelerate the development of the capital market.