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leader's speech
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  "Jiangsheng", like the name of its infusion of historical blood, has survived the rough and turbulent times. With the grace of flowing water, the chest of the river and the indomitable spirit of the river have been struggling to move forward, and in the new century, it has developed an unprecedented vitality.
  Chunhua Qiushi, once looking forward to the success of the reform, looking forward to the success of the certification, looking forward to writing a brilliant new chapter as soon as possible. When we crossed the mountains and waters and arrived at the other side of the once-nightmare, we found that the fruit of conquest was just tasted, and the new journey was at our feet. The drums of the departure have already sounded, and the splendid future has a long way to go. We know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Yesterday's work, today's harvest, tomorrow's starting point, let us leave flowers and applause to last night's stars, bringing dreams and hopes to the future.
  The development of science and technology, service health is our aim, quality and credibility is the constant pursuit of "Jiangsheng" people. We always adhere to the people-oriented, learning-oriented management ideas, advocating diligence and integrity, advocating realistic and innovative business philosophy, using our mind to create Jiangsheng, using our strength to show Jiangsheng, using our creativity to achieve Jiangsheng. In the spirit of vying for the day and night, advancing with the times; with the development of jumping, innocent this boiling era!
  Looking back on the road I have traveled, I sincerely thank the colleagues who fought side by side. The success of the past has made you have a hard time sweat. I sincerely thank the old and new friends who have always understood and trusted us. The growth of "Jiangsheng" cannot be separated from your concern and support. Today, with the rapid development of Internet technology, the Internet has set up another bridge for communication, which has brought us closer and made us more intimate. We sincerely welcome you and listen to your enlightenment. Your care is our motivation, your needs are our mission. Let us join hands and connect with each other to create a beautiful future.