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Name: Jiangxi Biological Products Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Address: National Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province


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Talent Demand
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Jiangxi Biological Products Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Talent demand information
Interview Address: No. 198, Torch Avenue, Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province (Junshan Avenue Disc)
Contact: Miss Hu, Miss Wang, Mr. Kang Tel: 0796-8403905, 8403906, 8403913
Company website: E-mail: Industry type: biological products
Main business: tetanus antitoxin economic type: private enterprise
Jiangxi Bioproducts Research Institute Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969. It was originally the Jiangxi Branch of Shanghai Institute of Biological Products. It has nearly 50 years of biopharmaceutical history. Restructured into a joint stock company in 2017, it is a modern bio-pharmaceutical enterprise that realizes the optimization of industrial structure with the government's attention and support. It is the largest high-tech production, research and sales of anti-toxin and immune serum biological products in China. Technology company.                                                                          
Job Offers: 
1. Domestic sales manager: a number of under 40 years old, sales, medicine, and other related majors with college education or above; strong learning ability and innovative pioneering awareness, good at market development and new product promotion. Hardworking, good at communication, coordination, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit; experience in pharmaceutical sales is preferred;
2, foreign trade sales staff: a number; male or female, under 40 years old, English, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, foreign trade related majors above, familiar with foreign trade business processes and foreign trade correspondence, English six or above, spoken fluent; good at the market Development and new product promotion, can be qualified for frequent business trips and study abroad; more than two years of work experience in independent foreign trade business and male priority.
3, quality inspectors: 3; under 40 years of age, biology, medicine, pharmacy related college or above; familiar with GMP, drug management law and related laws and regulations, master inspection equipment operation and inspection procedures and specifications; with more than 1 year Experience in drug production and inspection work and marriage in the city are preferred.
4, R & D Commissioner: 2; male or female, under 45 years old, undergraduate and above, pharmaceutical, biological, microbial related majors, good conduct, wide knowledge, strong innovative spirit, familiar with immune serum and vaccine production research and development, in Work in the biological products industry for more than 3 years is preferred.
5, computer administrator: 1; male or female, under 40 years old, computer professional college or above culture, familiar with the maintenance and maintenance of computers and their office equipment, with software development, application, network system and various software The normal operation capability guarantees the authenticity, completeness and traceability of electronic data.
6, the registration commissioner: 1 person; male or female, under 40 years old, biology, medicine, pharmacy related professional college or above culture; good learning and communication skills, strong information and word processing skills; received drug management Training in law and registration management methods, GMP and company product related information; more than 2 years experience in drug registration, local married is preferred.