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Review and Prospects Encourage the Start of the Jiangxi Bioproducts Research Institute 2016 Work Summary and Advanced Commendation Conference

Review and Prospects Encourage the Start of the Jiangxi Bioproducts Research Institute 2016 Work Summary and Advanced Commendation Conference

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2017/02/24 11:30
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  At 9:30 on January 23, 2016, all the staff gathered together to hold the 2016 Work Summary and Advanced Commendation Conference on the third floor training center to witness and share 2016.
The conference first heard a summary of the work of Hu Xiande, the company's deputy general manager, entitled "Being Good at Innovation, Efficient Development and Achievements in Jiangsheng Boutique Dreams". The report is based on detailed data and real-life examples. It is carefully analyzed from the party building led by the company’s party branch in 2016 and the mutual promotion between the group and the workers. The main work carried out from the goal of achieving new production and operation in the whole year has been carried out. Inductive and rehearsal; from the company's initiative to undertake social responsibility, respond to calls, assist the local government to carry out the village-enterprise joint construction, accurate poverty alleviation, a general review of the work done in 2016 and the achievements, to accumulate wealth for next year's work wealth. The report is divided into two parts to analyze the main problems in the work; it also proposes a new development direction for the 2017 strategic development goals.



  Then the company’s deputy general manager Liu Genshun read the “Notice on the Recognition of Advanced Collectives and Outstanding Individuals”. Leaders of the management team will award certificates, certificates and bonuses to employees who have obtained advanced collectives, excellent employees and advanced workers, and call on all employees to learn from advanced learning and catch up in the New Year's work to form a ratio of “learning, learning, catching, helping, and super”. "The good situation." All employees of the company also gave the most sincere congratulations and the warmest applause for the award-winning advanced collectives and outstanding individuals.





  The meeting also made specific arrangements for the work during the Spring Festival to ensure safety and hygiene, and to let the staff live a happy and detailed New Year.

At the meeting, Yao Xiaodong, the chairman and general manager of the company, sent all the employees a New Year’s greeting. Under the leadership of the group company, under the leadership of the group company, under the leadership of the group management company, we will closely follow the group company's goals and tasks, and strive to make progress, and work hard, especially the profit and loss of production and sales. new highs. It is clearly stated that the achievement of this achievement cannot be separated from the support of the leaders of the group company. It is even more inseparable from the hard work of all the colleagues present here and night. On behalf of the company's management team, he expressed his heartfelt heart to all Jiangsheng colleagues who have been struggling in the production line. thank!



  He then made a supplementary speech on his work in 2016 and made new arrangements and arrangements for his work in 2017: He said that “in the first half of 2016, despite the impact of Shandong vaccine incidents and dealer inventory pressures, all Jiangsheng colleagues raised strengths and circumvented weaknesses. Unite with one heart, work hard, plan carefully, work overtime, and use the three-pronged approach of “guarantee quality, increase production, and promote sales volume” to achieve a record high in production, sales and profits, and make a beautiful turnaround. A successful outcome was achieved." The company has won the advanced work of “Workers Pioneer”, “Civilized Unit”, “Taxpayer” and “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” for precise poverty alleviation. In particular, the company's party building work has been affirmed by leaders at the provincial, municipal, and district levels. Public WeChat and major newspapers in Jingkai District have reported. The GMP flight inspection passed smoothly, the product quality was 100% qualified, the new product and chromatography technology were developed smoothly, and the production department's two-day and one-night shift system provided a powerful demonstration for future production. In the future, we will strengthen the training and implement the incentive mechanism to improve the quality awareness, GMP implementation and the awareness of scientific and technological innovation. By strengthening communication and assessment, we will promote responsibility to people to prevent disconnection between departments and posts, and lack of sense of responsibility. Mistakes in work; through the strengthening of work optimization, implementation of timeliness to overcome the complexity of the management procedures, low efficiency.

  In the end, Mr. Yao called on all employees to keep up with the management of the group company in the new year, taking the production management as the top priority of the whole company, focusing on “domestic sales price increase and export insurance price” in the business strategy. "Improve the amount", go all out, be brave in innovation, keep making progress, with high-quality and efficient service, with a high degree of ownership, comprehensively promote all work to a new level, and then create new glory!