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The wind is full of intoxicating songs. The clouds dance with light romance. In the ordinary post, there is an extraordinary legend.

The wind is full of intoxicating songs. The clouds dance with light romance. In the ordinary post, there is an extraordinary legend.

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2019/01/27 22:54
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Jiangxi Bio 2018 Wonderful Annual Meeting
The Jiangxi Biological Annual Conference celebrates the bumper harvest of the past year and looks forward to the new year! Let us witness it together!


         Along with the footsteps of the spring of 2019, the company's annual meeting on the theme of "Jiangjiang Dream, Meet Again" was successfully held on January 27, 2019 at Ji'an International Hotel. The annual event was organized in an orderly manner around three themes. The conference room on the third floor of the company carried out the 2018 work summary and commendation meeting. At noon, a thank-you banquet was held at the hotel to express the concern and care of the shareholders, the board of directors and the company's leaders. Thanks to all the employees for their hard work over the past year, and the efforts made to achieve the company's business objectives. Subsequently, the New Year’s Spring Workers’ Party was held. The whole year will highlight the New Year and welcome the new year; look back on the past, look to the future, and the bright future of Yingge Company. More than 140 employees of Jiangxi Bio participated in the annual meeting. The company's leaders encouraged all employees to make persistent efforts in 2019, and created outstanding achievements, and awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to 2018 advanced collectives and advanced individuals. The company's employees presented a variety of cultural programs, and exciting annual lucky events were arranged in the annual activities. Interactive games with employees, climaxes and laughter.

         The company held a grand awards ceremony after the banquet. Mr. Liu Yurui, Chairman of the Board of Directors, awarded the banner and 30,000 yuan for the advanced group; awarded the certificate and 10,000 bonus for the outstanding contribution award; and then together with the general manager of the company, Mr. Yao Xiaodong, awarded the honorary certificate and each of the two special contribution winners. With a fund of 5,000 yuan, the leadership of the company's management team has awarded honorary certificates and bonuses of 2,000 yuan to 12 advanced workers. The atmosphere of the commendation ceremony was peaceful, and the employees' efforts for one year were recognized by the company and the leaders. The outstanding deeds made the whole staff work harder and strive for excellent passion.
         This year's company party was jointly performed by Ji'an Jinjia Art Troupe and the company's literary and art backbone. Everyone participated actively, interspersed with lottery, and the company's leadership and employees interacted with each other, exciting performances and sweepstakes, so that applause, cheers and laughter kept Rippling at the venue. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the company's party was officially kicked off in the dance "New Year Overture". The company's employees' erhu "horse racing" and guzheng "curry curry" performances brought warm applause. The next dance "Seaweed Dance" attracted countless cheers and cheers. The company’s employees and Jinjia Art Xuan’s essay “Entering the City” will make the colleagues on the scene laugh. With the participation of the prize, the third prize, the second prize, and the first prize, the climax of the party has been continually emanating, presenting the atmosphere of joy and harmony of the big family of Jiangsheng. The well-organized dance "Drunk Flower Yin" shows the graceful dance and performance tension of the company's male and female employees' cooperative performances, so that the colleagues present can not help but pick up the shooting equipment in their hands, vying to leave a wonderful time; family representatives The "Babyboy" brought by the guest twins pushed the whole party to a climax. The "Disciple Rules" recited by the primary school students fully demonstrated the profoundness of Chinese traditional culture, allowing colleagues to enjoy the fun and deepen basketball. The accumulation of culture. The whole party has a climax, bringing joy and laughter to everyone, getting full positive energy, and bringing colleagues closer to each other.
The wind is carrying intoxicating songs, and the clouds dance with light romance. Everyone in the "Unforgettable Today" song in the 1000 yuan cash lucky awards fell to Deng Dayi. 2018 happy gathering, the warmth of the Jiangsheng family infiltrated the hearts of every employee, deeply inspired the Jiangsheng people who worked hard. In 2019, we will be better and work harder! Jiang Sheng people struggle for their dreams and work hard for happiness! Let us go hand in hand to create a beautiful tomorrow for Jiangxi creatures!
Advanced collective
         Seriously your attitude towards work, obedience to service is your consistent style. Your mind is filled with the sway of spring flower buds. Your eyes are filled with the expectation of flying dreams. In team building, you have the courage to shoulder heavy burdens, dare to contribute, and be willing to help others, although in ordinary positions, they have performed extraordinary legends. You have engraved the deep memory of the flowers with the hard work, and blew the ideal horn with excellent shock!
    The Marketing Center won the 2018 Advanced Collective: awarded the banner and 30,000 yuan.
outstanding person
         As an ordinary employee, he quietly pays in an ordinary post day after day, and shares his destiny with the company, and regards his work as a sacred mission. Even the most common position can show your own life value with the highest standards, and make unremitting efforts to create every wealth for the company. Thank you and make ordinary work extraordinary.
Outstanding Contribution Award
         Mr. Wang Youlang won the Outstanding Contribution Award: a certificate of honor and a prize of 10,000 yuan.
Special contribution award
    Mr. Ji Chong and Ms. Tang Liyan won the Special Contribution Award: a certificate of honor and a prize of 5,000 yuan each.
Advanced worker
         Zhang Cai, Xiao Ying, Song Yu root, Liujia Hai, Zeng Qingping, Zhong Yuling, Wang Qinglong, Zhou Shun, Liu Heng rhenium, Zhang Hong, left Mei Wan small equality won the advanced workers: certificate of honor and a $ 2,000 bonus each.
         Step by step, one step at a time, as long as there is faith in the heart, there is a dream ahead, and any difficulties can not stop the pace of progress. It is the years that slip away. The constant is the feelings. Let us witness the progress and development of these advanced people and the company.