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Party members and big coffee gather in Changsha. Elites and experts talk about wisdom.

Party members and big coffee gather in Changsha. Elites and experts talk about wisdom.

2019/04/22 17:26
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  In order to promote the company's development and technological progress in the biomedical industry, enhance the company's scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and strengthen the exchange of new ideas, new achievements, and new experiences, the company's party branch decided in the early 2019 to establish technology research and development, production backbone and quality inspection. The party members of the post formed the "Party Science and Technology Research Team". From April 16 to April 18, 2019, under the leadership of the company's party branch, a party member's scientific and technological research team represented by the party members' backbone was sent to the Changsha Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition site to carry out the military-civilian integration technology transformation project. Equipment selection and inspection. Before the departure, the party branch secretary of the company made clear comments on the outsourcing of the party members. First, we must use our own learning spirit to strengthen communication and exchanges with the same industry and equipment manufacturers. We should look at more and think more and think more about it. We must contact the company and the actual position and investigate with problems. Second, the participation of the party members in the scientific and technological research group is an organic combination with the party and the day activities. Everyone should cherish the opportunity to grasp the nutrition and strength, and carry out the spirit of innovation into the actual work. The backbone of party members in the exhibition must be trained and edified from it. It is necessary to enhance the awareness of the masses and the sense of responsibility of party members, so that party members can receive party education and improve party spirit in the field. Applying the knowledge learned to improve the company's economic efficiency, play a role in driving employees to create excellence, and play a demonstrative role as a pioneer model of party members. A group of more than 10 people went to the "Spring Invitation" with nearly 100 industry "big coffee" in the country, gathered in Changsha, and discussed the development strategy of "manufacturing + Internet" to talk about the beautiful vision of Jiangxi's biological "Intelligent Valley" high-quality development.

  This year, in order to accelerate the pace of advancing into the capital market, the company carried out the “Year of Industrial Project Construction” to help promote the transformation of the industry, transform and upgrade, and form a new generation of biotechnology and new products for biomedical intelligent equipment to accelerate its rise. Taking bio-pharmaceuticals as the leader, driving the horse industry; taking the agricultural and livestock industry as the leader, driving the new pattern of circular economy linkage; taking the 4+N industry model: one industry drives four bases, one grassland drives two businesses, one sand Drive the development of three circular economy and one forest belt in two directions, and strive to achieve an annual operating income of over 200 million yuan.

The company sent a party member scientific and technological research team to participate in the National Pharmaceutical Opportunity Exhibition to integrate industry resources, establish a scientific management mechanism that closely integrates production, learning and research, promote the company's ability to independently innovate pharmaceutical technology, and accelerate the restructuring of the company's pharmaceutical equipment industry. Optimize and upgrade, provide high-quality products with high technology content for the urgent needs of customers around the world, and accelerate the company's pharmaceutical equipment and pharmaceutical technology to catch up with the world's advanced level.


  After the party members' scientific and technological research team arrived at the exhibition center, the deputy head of the party member science and technology research team, the vice president of quality Liu Xiaoan, the deputy head of the party member science and technology research team, and the chief of the technology research and development team, Ji Chong, led a group to inspect the preparation machinery museum. Raw material medicine equipment machinery hall, pharmaceutical packaging machinery hall, pharmaceutical water, gas equipment hall, medicinal crushing equipment hall, drug testing equipment hall, other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment hall. "Intelligent Manufacturing" is the most concerned issue of the party members' scientific and technological research team. They have always stood in the forefront of science and technology, focusing on the intelligent unmanned factory-industrial 4.0 business, and inspected the clean environment environmental monitoring system according to the company's actual focus. Clean room air conditioning automatic control system, sterile preparation data acquisition system, drug extraction control system and intelligent unmanned factory. In order to promote the exchange between pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical equipment enterprises and promote the development of China's pharmaceutical equipment industry, CIPM held several conferences and international forums at the same time, and invited well-known experts in the industry to give special lectures on hot topics such as online control, automation and robot application. The members of the party members' research team listened carefully and carefully remembered and actively asked questions and interacted. During the visit, the party members' scientific and technological research team found that some domestic manufacturers are committed to the research and development and manufacture of high-performance, high-quality products. Based on the full absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad and the strength of the family, they have worked hard and developed. own brand. Their products have won the majority of users and praises for their novel structure, beautiful appearance, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and convenient maintenance. They have opened up their own new land in the domestic and international pharmaceutical equipment market. At the same time, they deeply feel that they want to Learn from them and carry forward the idea of ​​independent innovation. The exhibitors also listened carefully to the introduction of the current pharmaceutical equipment technology development, and experienced the operation performance and intelligent control mode of modern advanced equipment. Party members and Shanghai Dongfulong Technology Co., Ltd. discussed the "next-generation advanced drug manufacturing platform" and observed "smart mobile sterilization robots", intelligent manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, modular VR factory experience, and purification of air conditioners. The overall solution for engineering equipment. In the case of tight time, he also visited Chutian Technology Co., Ltd., combined with the study of theory and practice, the party members said that the survey was novel in form, full of content, focused and effective, and further enhanced the new Product development and confidence in upgrading GMP standardization work.

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