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Equipment auction bidding announcement

Equipment auction bidding announcement

2014/04/30 15:32
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    Our company is a biomedical production, research and development and sales company specializing in biotechnology. Due to the upgrading of products, it is planned to conduct a public auction of the original biopharmaceutical production equipment. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
    First, the auction target:
    1 ozone sterilizer, 2 digester tanks (4000L), 3 plate and frame filter presses, 2 bottle washers, 2 potting machines, 6 sets of dispensing devices, 1 leak detection cabinet, ozone generator 2 sets, 1 air-conditioned compartment, 1 cooling tower, 1 set of baking machine. The above equipment is in good condition, no defects, and can be used normally. (After the picture is attached or enter the company website)
    Second, the time, place and method of bidding:
    Bidding time: April 30, 2014
    Bidding location: Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products Office
    Bidding method: using dark bidding
    Third, punctuation display time and place:
    From the date of this announcement to the day before the bid, in the A line area of ​​the comprehensive workshop of Jiangxi Biological Products Research Institute.
    Fourth, other matters:
    Anyone who is interested in bidding, please go to the Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products to register for the bidding process with valid ID before March 4th - April 29th. After the auctioneer confirms, the bidding documents will be sealed and delivered to Our office, the bidding day unified open bid confirmation.
    V. Contact information:
    Tel: 0796-8403905 (office) 0796-8403909 (财) 0796-8403906 (fax)
    Contact: Mr. Kang, Ms. Zhang
    Company website:
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