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Drug quality inspection announcement

Drug quality inspection announcement

2014/05/13 15:31
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根据2004年全国药品抽验计划要求,国家食品药品监督管理局组织力量,对2003年质量公告中的不合格药品生产企业相关品种进行了跟踪抽验,对部分药品、生物制品进行了监督抽验,现将抽验结果予以公告:    本期药品抽验共涉及92个生产企业的71个品种、221个批次,其中涉及4个生产企业的2个品种、5个批次不合格(见附表一、二);本期生物制品监督抽验共涉及3个类别,21个品种,128个批次(见附表三、四)
  According to the requirements of the National Drug Testing and Quarantine Program in 2004, the State Food and Drug Administration organized a force to conduct follow-up tests on the relevant varieties of unqualified pharmaceutical manufacturers in the 2003 Quality Announcement, and conducted supervision and inspection on some drugs and biological products. The results of the test will be announced:
  The current drug sampling inspection involved 71 varieties and 221 batches of 92 production enterprises, including 2 varieties and 5 batches of 4 production enterprises were unqualified (see Tables 1 and 2); The supervision and inspection involves a total of 3 categories, 21 varieties and 128 batches (see Tables 3 and 4).
  For the unqualified drugs in the announcement, the drug supervision and administration department will investigate and deal with the inferior drugs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Drug Administration Law, and the China National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products will continue to follow the tests.