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Experts remind: Beware of tetanus mortality rate as high as 20%

Experts remind: Beware of tetanus mortality rate as high as 20%

2014/12/13 15:30
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  According to the Life Times, tetanus is a deadly killer. In the summer, there are many exposed parts of the human body. In the case that it can't attract people's attention, this kind of life-threatening king often comes unexpectedly. Experts have proposed several preventive measures.
  Broken glass requires the life of a 10-year-old boy
  Because the parents work more busy, the 10-year-old Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) was sent to the aunt's home in the country, and did not want to fall into his head. On the day of the aunt's house, Xiao Ming's left foot accidentally stepped on the broken glass. Although it was very painful at the time, it did not flow much blood. Xiao Ming’s aunt believes that sending a child to the country is about tempering his will and not paying too much attention.
No one thought that one morning after half a month, Xiao Ming began to twitch constantly, and the body could not help but lean back, accompanied by a high fever, the aunt was frightened, and quickly sent him to the county hospital, diagnosed by a doctor. Xiao Ming was infected with tetanus. Although he was fully rescued, Xiao Ming, 10 years old, still lost his life.
  According to Ou Yunsong, director of the emergency department of Beijing Haidian Hospital, tetanus is a specific infection caused by tetanus bacillus invading the body from the wound. The mortality rate is about 20%~40%.
  Be careful when deep wounds are heavily polluted
  Tetanus is mainly found in the faeces of soil, humans and animals. It is an anaerobic bacterium that can only reproduce in an oxygen-deficient environment. If the wound is very shallow, blood-rich areas are less susceptible to infection, as tetanus is less susceptible to infection in aerobic areas. If the wound is deep and the pollution is serious, the possibility of tetanus will increase greatly.
  After the tetanus bacillus acts on the human body, an exotoxin is produced, and the symptoms manifested by the human body are mainly convulsions: very intense twitching of the masticatory muscles and the trunk muscles, and the patient often bites the teeth and the body involuntarily leans back, sometimes The external environment, such as the slight stimulation of sound, light, and vibration, can cause severe convulsions and excessive sweating. Severe patients can also cause respiratory paralysis and lead to death.
  Tetanus incubation period of up to 1 month
  In general, the incubation period of tetanus is 6 to 10 days, and a few people have an incubation period of about 1 month. Once tetanus attacks, it is difficult to cure, but its prevention effect is excellent.
  Major preventive measures for tetanus
  1. Children under the age of one year should be injected with diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus (commonly known as Baibaishou) triple vaccine. Since the Baibai Breaker vaccine is not lifelong immunization, it needs to be vaccinated once again after primary school.
  2, if TAT is injected deeper wounds, or the wound is contaminated by dirt, iron embroidery and other pollutants, be sure to go to the hospital under the guidance of a doctor to inject a certain amount of TAT (tetanus antitoxin serum).
  3. Clean the wound. After a person is traumatized, the wound is more likely to be contaminated by tetanus, but not many people actually get sick. This is because the tetanus itself does not cause disease, and only when the bacteria multiply, the toxin produced by the bacteria will cause tetanus. The condition for the large-scale reproduction of bacteria is hypoxia. This hypoxic environment usually occurs only when the outer opening of the wound is small, there is necrotic tissue in the wound or blood clots are filled, and ischemia is observed. Therefore, proper treatment of wounds after injury and destruction of the oxygen-deficient environment at the injured site is the key to preventing tetanus.
  4, animal bites, burns and burns also need to pay attention. In daily life, many people do not know that they need to inject tetanus antitoxin serum. In fact, as long as the human skin is traumatic, such as animal bites, open fractures, burns, and even small wounds such as stab wounds, tetanus may occur as long as all the factors and conditions required for the onset of tetanus are met.