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Provincial Committee of the Provincial Government, "Several Opinions on Reducing Enterprise Cost Optimization and Development Environment" (Article 80)

Provincial Committee of the Provincial Government, "Several Opinions on Reducing Enterprise Cost Optimization and Development Environment" (Article 80)

Policies and regulations
2017/02/22 15:25
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  In order to further promote the supply-side structural reform, effectively reduce the cost of enterprises, optimize the development environment of enterprises, enhance the profitability of enterprises, promote the sustained and healthy development of the province's economy, and ensure the realization of a good start of the "13th Five-Year Plan", the provincial party committee and the provincial government decided The province carried out special actions to reduce enterprise costs and optimize development environment (hereinafter referred to as special actions).
  First, the overall requirements
  Fully implement the spirit of the Party’s 18th and 18th Central Committee, the Fourth Middle School, and the Fifth Plenary Session, and follow the reform requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference and the provincial and provincial governments to reduce the cost of enterprises and optimize the development environment. The theme, carrying out a variety of special-purpose activities, focus on helping enterprises reduce the burden, enhance profitability, maintain competitive advantage, promote transformation and upgrading, and add new impetus to the sustained and steady growth of the province's economy.
  Second, the basic principles
  Adhere to the combination of overall deployment and precise policy. We will conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial party committee, and the provincial government on the supply-side structural reform, scientific planning, overall planning, and research and formulation of systemic policies and measures. Adhere to the problem-oriented, start with the most prominent problems reflected by enterprises, accurately implement policies, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, and effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of policy measures.
  Adhere to the combination of market leadership and government guidance. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, use market mechanisms, promote entrepreneurship, and guide enterprises to achieve independent innovation and transformation. We will give full play to the role of the government, strengthen organizational guidance, strengthen coordination services, and strive to create a fair and just market competition environment.
  Adhere to the current and the long-term combination. While adopting targeted measures, paying close attention to policies, and achieving results as soon as possible, we will follow the requirements of the market economy and the rule of law society, and introduce supporting measures from reform and opening up, innovation and transformation, improvement of supervision, and improvement of services, and strive to create sustainable development for enterprises. Business environment.
  Adhere to the combination of external support and internal tapping potential. Give full play to the polarity of all parties, on the one hand, through tax reduction and fee reduction, financial support, and simple decentralization and other policy measures, effectively reduce the external costs of enterprises, and on the other hand, by guiding enterprises to tap potential, improve production efficiency and management level, and enhance profitability, Maintain a competitive advantage.
  Third, the key tasks
  In order to better grasp the direction and path of reducing enterprise costs and optimizing the development environment, and effectively improve the quality and level of special actions, we will focus on 16 aspects of five aspects.
  (1) Grasping the policy
  1. A number of opinions were issued. In accordance with the requirements of "the situation should be clear, the objectives must be clear, the tasks must be specific, the responsibilities should be implemented, and the measures must be strong", a number of opinions should be formulated to effectively reduce the cost of the enterprise and optimize the development environment.
  2. Develop a compilation of policies. For the policies of the benefit-oriented enterprises that have been issued in the central and provincial governments and are still being implemented, they are sorted out and compiled, and published and publicized to form a policy system that enterprises can understand and use.
  3. Edit the contact form. The consulting unit, contact person, contact telephone number and e-mail address corresponding to each policy are provided in detail, so that the company can quickly communicate with the government department “according to the map”.
  (2) Grasp the mobilization and preaching
  1. Fully mobilize deployment. The mobilization meeting of the province's special action to reduce enterprise costs and optimize the development environment was called to call on the whole province to unify thoughts and gather together, accurately grasp the overall requirements and objectives, and promote the solid and in-depth development of all work.
  2. In-depth presentation of policies. The provincial leaders led the relevant departments directly in the province, timely in-depth policy announcements in industrial parks and key enterprises, and formed a full-coverage policy announcement system through linkages between provinces, cities and counties to help enterprises better grasp policies and use policies.
  3. Increase the intensity of interpretation. A number of opinions were published in the main media of the province, and columns and special issues were set up for key interpretations, so that a number of opinions were well known and better translated into a corporate dividend.
  (3) Do a good job in joint enterprise services
  1. Conduct leadership liaison points to contact corporate activities. The leaders of the “four sets of teams” at the provincial, city and county levels and the main leaders of the courts and procuratorates contacted the enterprises, and the provincial leaders contacted 2-3 industrial parks (the provincial party committee and the deputy governors first contacted the national parks respectively). More than 10 enterprises are contacted by the park, and the leaders of the city and county contact the enterprises within their respective jurisdictions to take the lead in carrying out policy announcements, promote the construction of major projects, and coordinate and solve major problems.
  2. Carry out corporate activities under the cadre of the government. From the provincial, municipal, and county levels, the cadres will be transferred to the front line of the production line to publicize policies, understand the truth, and solve problems. Each provincial department directly contacts an industrial park to achieve full coverage of all parks, and selects 10 cadres as liaisons of provincial leaders to contact enterprises, and timely feedback on production and operation of enterprises.
  3. Conduct expert precision assistance activities. Experts and scholars will be selected from research institutes and universities, and a precision assistance advisory group will be set up to conduct business consultations and provide technical consultation according to the characteristics of local industries. From the various financial institutions, personnel will be formed to form a number of targeted assistance groups, and various forms of bank-enterprise docking activities will be carried out with each district and city.
  4. Carry out industry chain docking assistance activities. Organize key backbone enterprises to carry out all-round and multi-level technology, products and labor support for upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, encourage the formation of industrial alliances, and promote industrial integration and development.
  (4) Grasping the problem of cracking
  1. Establish a timely acceptance mechanism. We will announce special telephone lines, faxes and e-mails to the public, further unblock the information feedback channels of enterprises, timely accept corporate demands, and provide policy advisory services.
  2. Establish a ledger management mechanism. According to the principle of “who is responsible and who implements”, all kinds of problems reflected by enterprises are sorted out, listed, and established account and sales management.
  3. Establish a classification processing mechanism. For problems involving the provincial level, according to the classification of departmental responsibilities, the time-limited solution that can be solved is the reason for the failure to solve.
  (5) Do a good job in supervision and assessment
  1. Strengthen supervision and implementation. Regarding the implementation of special operations and the implementation of certain opinions, regular follow-up and dispatching and supervision and inspection shall be carried out, and the implementation of the supervision notice, on-site inspection, interview, and supervision shall be carried out as appropriate.
  2. Strengthen the summary assessment. Timely summary of the implementation of special operations, commendation of municipal, county (city, district) and provincial departments that promote better implementation. Introduce third-party evaluation agencies to assess the effectiveness of current policies and the status of service enterprises in cities, counties (cities, districts) and provinces, and effectively improve the effectiveness of special operations.
  3. Strengthen assessment
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