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Hypertension vaccine is expected to be listed within five years

Hypertension vaccine is expected to be listed within five years

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2014/10/06 15:15
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  In the near future, some hypertensive patients may need only vaccination to control their blood pressure. The therapeutic vaccine is the result of years of research and development by a Swiss pharmaceutical company. At present, the vaccine is still in a small-scale clinical trial, and 48 hypertensive patients have completed an injection course, and the antihypertensive effect is expected to last for about 4 months. It is reported that the vaccine will be available within five years, and the results of the research have been published in the famous British medical journal The Lancet.
  The high blood pressure vaccine mainly acts on the angiotensin system. When injected into the body, the vaccine will "infect" the patient, stimulate the immune system to produce angiotensin antibody, inhibit angiotensin, and lower the blood pressure.
  Vaccine researchers believe that high-pressure vaccines have many advantages over traditional oral antihypertensive drugs. First, the oral half-life of antihypertensive drugs is short, and it is impossible to control the morning blood pressure stably. At this time, it is the high incidence period of stroke and myocardial infarction; the hypertension vaccine has no such concern, and the test confirms that the vaccine can ensure the blood pressure of the patient is significantly decreased in the early morning. Second, the vaccine only needs to be injected three times a year, avoiding the trouble of taking the medicine every day, and the compliance is obviously superior to the oral medicine. Third, some high-pressure oral drugs are now treated according to the principle of angiotensin, but many patients feel that the antihypertensive effect is not obvious and they stop taking it. There are also large adverse reactions after taking the patient. The high-pressure vaccine has a small adverse reaction, and only some symptoms like flu are more acceptable to patients.
  “Hypertension vaccine provides a new perspective for hypertension research. In 2007, a pharmaceutical company in the UK announced that it has developed a vaccine using the principle of angiotensin and entered the second phase of the clinic.” Department of Internal Medicine and Heart of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital of the Ministry of Health Professor Ke Yuannan, director of the Department of Internal Medicine, said in an interview with the reporter of Life Times. "But this vaccine is also flawed and cannot solve all the problems. It is not suitable for some patients." There are many kinds of pathogenesis of hypertension, renin vascular tension. High activity is only a mechanism, and the vaccine against this system may not be too good for the effects of hypertension caused by other mechanisms of action. Therefore, many patients cannot benefit from it.
  Ke Yuannan pointed out that whether the vaccine developed by the United Kingdom or Switzerland is far away from large-scale clinical trials, it is not known when it will be approved for listing. Entering China may be after six or seven years.