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Leaders of Wei Da Medical Technology Co., Ltd. visited our institute

Leaders of Wei Da Medical Technology Co., Ltd. visited our institute

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2008/04/15 15:13
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  At 9:30 on the morning of April 9, 2008, Lu Jianzhong, Chairman of Wei Da Medical Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied by Mr. Jiang Hongtao, the former Chairman of the Board of Directors, accompanied by Li Lingrong, the deputy general manager of the company, came to visit our office. After the team members got off the bus, they immediately visited the various sections of the production workshop, the quality inspection room and the office and living places of our factory. They gave full affirmation and high evaluation to our production, life, office environment and on-site management. Subsequently, the delegation convened a management meeting between the middle and above managers of the Institute.
  At the meeting, Yao Xiaodong, the general manager of the company, expressed warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of the staff of the whole company. He also gave a detailed introduction to the personnel of the delegation on the production and operation situation in 2007, the work objectives and plans for this year, the ideas and progress of new product development. For the work of last year, he focused on the company's production and sales, as well as the advantages that the National Serum Society has brought to enhance the status of the industry and establish a brand image after our successful convening. Then it introduces in detail the development ideas of our new products and the progress of existing project development. At the same time, it analyzes the unfavorable factors of production and operation in the first quarter of this year. He believes that the main reasons are: First, during the Spring Festival, it is a break against the off-season. Second, the company's product prices have been raised, dealers have a process of acceptance, some dealers are still waiting to see, third, the appreciation of the renminbi, resulting in fewer orders for export, coupled with the impact of rising prices, increased procurement costs and other factors, The production and operation in the first quarter brought some disadvantages, but we are confident and capable of catching up in the future. At the meeting, he also talked about his own views on this year's new initiatives. First, while continuing to implement refined production management, he implemented refined quality management, truly implemented the concept of quality first, and second, implemented responsibility in management. The assessment mechanism clarifies their respective job responsibilities, implements the business team package, the department is responsible, the whole staff participates, and the responsibility investigation system is attached; the task is set for each section, the employee, the goal is set, and the reward and punishment are implemented; Indicators, the burden of the crowd. Inspire people, inspire people, and unite people with goals. The third is to emancipate the mind, boldly explore, improve and improve the company's quality assurance system, effectively improve the implementation of the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" and GMP, promote quality management, and reduce the risk of business survival. The fourth is to comprehensively improve the overall quality of employees, strengthen cooperation with foreign organizations, establish a human resources reserve pool suitable for the company's needs, strengthen the cultivation of business backbones, broaden the knowledge of employees, rationally plan employee careers, establish a high degree of loyalty to the company, and improve Production management efficiency, and strive to cultivate and create a group of core employees with outstanding work, strong business ability and responsibility. At the meeting, Liu Xueyi, the company's financial controller, reported on the implementation of the financial budget. Assistant General Manager Liu Xiaoan made a report on how to ensure the fine management of production, how to ensure the implementation of GMP standards, cost and efficiency in production, and also deeply analyzed the lack of key technologies in equipment operation. the reason. Hu Xiande, assistant general manager, reported the sales situation in the first quarter of 2008. He conducted a comprehensive analysis of the main reasons for the unfinished budget target in the first quarter. From the perspective of market research, he mainly pointed out the following reasons: First, the adjustment of export prices was more Second, competitors began to sell warehouse inventory; third, the payment method was subject to certain restrictions; fourth, there was no combination product, and there was no obvious advantage in price. In response to these constraints, the marketing department is stepping up market research, strengthening communication and communication between vendors, timely screening feedback information, taking strong measures to increase market share, actively participating in bidding procurement, and increasing terminal placement.
  The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Lv Jianzhong, Chairman of Wei Da Medical Technology Co., Ltd., inquired about the export situation of our products, employee salary and benefits, product quality, GMP implementation, new product development, material procurement, and all Annual work objectives and management. I highly praised the advanced practices of our production management. And friendly exchanges with the middle and above personnel of our institute, Chairman Lu from enriching the cultural life of employees, improving the wages and benefits of employees, and strengthening the management of enterprises, and believe that it is necessary to work from the following aspects: First, strengthen the decision-making ability of enterprises, management personnel must start Models take the lead in thinking about problems and solving problems in front of employees. The second is to establish the concept that sales is the soul, introduce a competitive mechanism in sales, turn sales pressure into motivation, and make a good article in export sales. Third, new product development needs to have a bright spot and have its own core technology. Fourth, we must strictly control the quality of products, clarify responsibilities, and clarify responsibilities to ensure that product quality does not cause any problems.
  At the meeting, the head of the head office spoke to the hard work of the past few years and the hopes that I have placed. He said: The Institute of Biotechnology has not been easy in recent years. It has done a lot of work from restructuring, relocation, and production. Last year, it began to get on the right track, with achievements and contributions. Facing the weak foundation and single product, it can be neutral in the same industry. It is already very valuable, but to play a leading role in the peers, we must carefully analyze the conditions of the company and find out where our strengths are. The main point of competitiveness lies in how to use our strengths to form a strong competitive edge. This depends on us to work hard. First, the product quality should be strengthened, and the variety, specifications, and categories should be rich. We should make a good article on expanding the same type of products and expanding the horse plasma extension products. Second, the development of the enterprise must have ideas, and it is necessary to let go of development, the work ideas should be liberalized, the management concept should be liberalized, and the production technology can be combined with foreign advanced technology to create enterprise advantages. Third, the sales link is still weak, and the concept is relatively backward. Although it has certain advantages in domestic sales, it is still in the shadow of foreign markets, and it is still not clear about the specific situation abroad. This is both a deficiency and a development. Opportunities, we must let go of our courage, boldly go out and open up a vast market abroad. This may give us a broader world. For example, in some developed countries, if the market is difficult, we can start with the veterinary market. Then step in. Fourth, we must firmly establish the idea of ​​quality first, and require all employees to recognize the quality. If there is a problem, it will be life-threatening. If it is your own relatives, what will you think, educate the staff to recognize the importance of quality management with the mentality of "heart-to-heart" Sex, we must have a sense of urgency and ensure that the quality of our products is perfect.
  Finally, the head of the head office hopes that all the staff of our company will work together to transform the biology into a modern enterprise with thoughts, vitality and vitality.