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The analysis of production and operation situation in the second quarter of 2008 will be held smoothly

The analysis of production and operation situation in the second quarter of 2008 will be held smoothly

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2008/07/13 15:12
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  The meeting first listened carefully to the summary of the main objectives and tasks completed by the various departments in the second quarter and the next step of production and management. Secondly, with the strong cooperation of all the staff of the company, the sales price of the products and the gross profit margin of sales have all risen steadily. The output and profits have reached the highest level in the same period of history, and achieved good economic benefits. In the face of the gratifying situation, all departments have not taken it lightly. The following major measures have been proposed for the actual situation of the department to improve the work and strive for better. 1. The sales department will be directly responsible for the development and sales of weak markets in the Southwest, and seek self-export and agency export customers. Second, the production department should take advantage of this year to strengthen GMP quality management and standardize production operations, strengthen on-site management in the production process, rationally deploy production technicians, and establish a comprehensive product quality concept. Reasonable scheduling on equipment maintenance, requiring maintenance personnel to make large defects do not stay overnight, small defects do not work, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of equipment. Third, the full implementation of budget management, to achieve expenditures have budget, funds have fallen, financial accounting is clear, to ensure the balance of funds. And provide financial information in a timely manner to provide a basis for leading business decisions. Fourth, based on logistics, the quality is strictly controlled. Efforts will be made to ensure the timely procurement of various materials and strive to improve the quality of materials and reduce procurement costs. V. Improve the practical skills and quality awareness of all employees, formulate a meticulous training plan, strengthen the company's pharmacopoeia and GMP execution, and carry out self-inspection and self-inspection work in a planned manner to reduce the survival risk of enterprises and ensure quality and safety. However, due to various reasons for the main problems and difficulties of our company in the first quarter, the company put forward the next step of work: to regulate the market order and make full use of the "bright spots" (high quality) and "selling points" of our products. (cheap), establish a good brand image. Strengthen internal management, improve technical level, improve product quality, increase financial budget control, and ensure the steady development of enterprises.
  The company's leaders believe that since the second quarter, Jiangsheng's various businesses have developed rapidly, and the market has seen a gratifying situation of stability and prosperity. Increased profits and reduced costs are inseparable from the united efforts of all employees. At the same time, the situation does not allow us to slack off. We must overcome all kinds of difficulties and implement various measures. While striving for the strong support of the government departments, we must also speed up the research and application of new projects and upgrade our products to enhance market resistance. Risk ability. I hope that all Jiangsheng employees will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and hard work, contact the reality, foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, work hard, and strive to make all work to a new level!