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Jiang Sheng welcomes new customers

Jiang Sheng welcomes new customers

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2008/10/16 15:12
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  On October 16, 2008, the head of Guangdong Xinrongfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., accompanied by Hu Xiande, assistant general manager of sales, visited our institute. They successively went deep into the company's production tour and inspected the management of the company's software and hardware facilities. They carefully analyzed the products according to the production management requirements of the export products. The rigorous work style and vigorous work spirit of our staff have won the praise of new customers. Subsequently, General Manager Yao Xiaodong introduced them to the company's production and operation and future development plans. The two sides conducted detailed discussions and reached a memorandum on the specific forms of cooperation between new products and existing products in a warm and friendly atmosphere.