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Our company successfully completed the company's GMP self-inspection work in the second half of 2008

Our company successfully completed the company's GMP self-inspection work in the second half of 2008

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2008/12/13 01:59
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  In order to further check the company's GMP implementation compliance, effectiveness, adaptability, comprehensively improve the company's GMP execution, and ensure product quality. Under the leadership of self-inspection team leader Yao Xiaodong, the company's self-inspection team carried out a three-day comprehensive dynamic GMP self-inspection work from December 10 to December 12, 2008.
  The self-inspection is based on the "Drug GMP Certification Inspection and Evaluation Standards" issued by the State Drug and Food Supervision and Administration Department, the "Good Manufacturing Practices" (1998), the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" (2005 edition, three) and the "China" promulgated by the State Council. The People's Republic of China Drug Administration Law and related laws and regulations require a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of the company's GMP implementation throughout 2008 in accordance with the 2008 annual self-inspection plan and self-inspection program. At the first meeting of the self-inspection, General Manager Yao Xiaodong emphasized that this self-inspection should be fine and deep, and not go through the game. Fine is to record all the problems found in all inspections, do not miss any details that may affect the GMP implementation or product quality; deep is to strictly check the GMP inspection provisions, in-depth and careful investigation! The respective inspection members carried out GMP self-inspection work in a serious, careful and comprehensive manner in accordance with the spirit of the meeting. In the process of self-inspection, the problems found can be immediately rectified and rectified on the spot. The self-inspection group that failed to rectify on the spot due to objective reasons proposed rectification measures and time limits for completion.
  On the morning of December 13, the end of the self-inspection final meeting was held in a tense and serious atmosphere. General Manager Yao Xiaodong fully affirmed the self-inspection work. The matters requiring further rectification were tracked and implemented by the Quality Department until they were completely Standards compliant. He asked all staff to take this GMP self-inspection as an opportunity to continue to improve GMP implementation capabilities, strengthen GMP awareness, and always tighten the string of GMP, laying a solid foundation for the successful GMP recertification work in 2009!