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The company's annual material procurement and bidding work is progressing smoothly.

The company's annual material procurement and bidding work is progressing smoothly.

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2009/02/08 01:58
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  In order to further reduce the procurement cost, we are actively seeking excellent suppliers with stable supply quality and good reputation, ensuring the procurement of high-quality materials with good cost performance, fully complying with GMP requirements and meeting production needs. From the end of December 2008 to February 2009, the company The Logistics Department carried out a comprehensive bidding and negotiation work for all production and operation materials of the company in 2009.
  The characteristics of this proposal are: 1. The varieties involved are comprehensive. Including main raw materials, packaging materials, media materials, various auxiliary materials, hardware materials, labor insurance supplies, spare parts, office supplies and so on. 2. Open and fair. The whole process of the bidding and bidding is carried out under the supervision of the bidding and leading group, and the bidding of the participating suppliers is unsealed in the form of a seal. 3. The first principle of GMP. The technical, special, stability and supplier qualifications of the medicinal raw materials must be in full compliance with GMP requirements, otherwise they will not be considered.
  At present, the bidding work is progressing smoothly, and the samples of the suppliers are being verified. The first meeting of the meeting can be held as scheduled on January 15-16.