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Going out of the country and the world wide ---- Yemen customers come to visit us

Going out of the country and the world wide ---- Yemen customers come to visit us

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2011/04/21 01:57
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  On April 20, 2011, Dr. Talal Ahmed Al-Subbary, general manager of Yemen customer ROYAL PHARMA, accompanied two local government officials from the FDA to visit our site for on-site inspection of products registered abroad. Mr. Yao Xiaodong, Chairman and General Manager of the company, expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of foreign guests, and introduced the company's production and operation situation and future development plan in detail. The official Indian inspectors went to the scene to conduct detailed inspections and records on the production plants, facilities and equipment, quality control and quality assurance, and sanitary environment of our products. As they walked, they asked in detail about the specific production details and had a deeper understanding of our corporate culture of “products and characters”. Their professional, meticulous, serious and meticulous work attitude deeply infected us. We will definitely make the product quality better.
  After the inspection, the guests expressed satisfaction with our advanced production conditions and perfect quality system, and assured the quality of our products. Mr. Yao Xiaodong, Chairman and General Manager, expressed his gratitude to the guests for their hard work and promised that we will provide better service to foreign customers with the best quality and best price. I believe that with the strong support of local FDA officials, the registration of our products in Yemen will be successful.
  At present, the company's products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, accounting for 43% of the total international exports of the country. With the improvement of product quality and brand value, the international brand image is more perfect. The volume of international exports will increase day by day, making greater contributions to the local economy.