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Sino-Indian cooperation, strong alliance, bright prospects for export situation

Sino-Indian cooperation, strong alliance, bright prospects for export situation

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2015/12/13 01:51
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  From June 10th to 13th, 2012, two technicians from the First Institute of Serum Research in India led the general manager of Ningbo Agency to lead our company to carry out technical exchanges of TAT production technology and cooperation on new products. General Manager Yao Xiaodong personally received and expressed his gratitude to the foreign friends for their concern and care for our company! The company comprehensively analyzed and answered the current production and sales situation of the company. At the same time, it introduced the progress of the enterprise development plan and new products. The Indian customers showed great interest and positive cooperation intention after listening.
  The visiting Indian distributor is India's largest bio-products factory. The products are exported to many countries around the world and enjoy a certain market share and brand reputation throughout the world. The main purpose of their visit is to further increase cooperation with our company's existing products and the development of new products. The customer visited the entire production process of our factory in detail and confirmed the SOP of each production process to ensure the quality of each production process. Due to the difference between the Pharmacopoeias, the Indian Institute of Biological Products has been importing our semi-finished products, processing and packaging in India's own factories to become finished products for sale. The annual sales of our products with our company are more than RMB 4 million. The success will further stabilize our company's exports in India. The representative of India was very satisfied with the GMP standard production workshop after the inspection, and proposed that in the future cooperation, I would like to work with us to promote the marketing and development of new products.