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Integrity and taxation, law-abiding management, I am awarded the title of “A-level taxpayer”

Integrity and taxation, law-abiding management, I am awarded the title of “A-level taxpayer”

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2012/10/06 14:58
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  Recently, Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products won the title of “2010-2011 Tax Credit Rating Grade A Taxpayer” jointly issued by Jiangxi Provincial State Taxation Bureau and Jiangxi Provincial Local Taxation Bureau.
  Integrity management is the precondition for the development and growth of the enterprise. Since its establishment, Jiangxi Biological Products Research Institute has been adhering to the law-abiding operation, scale operation and sustainable operation; taking the business philosophy of society and society, strictly abide by national regulations and tax policies. , consciously pay taxes according to law, abide by the tax credit, and maintain the brand image of the company's integrity management.

诚信纳税 守法经营 我所喜获“A级纳税人”称号


  The title of Jiangxi Biological “A-level taxpayer” is an important symbol for enterprises to pay taxes in good faith and is the best credit certificate. Enterprises that have been assessed as “A-level taxpayers” can be exempted from tax inspections in addition to special projects, project inspections and Golden Tax Inspections within two years. At the same time, they can obtain services such as tax service appointments and “green channels”. The acquisition of honors and the enjoyment of policies indicate that the company has been recognized by the tax authorities and the society in terms of integrity management, taxation according to law, and efforts to improve management. In recent years, the tax authorities have been in the financial accounting and tax reporting of the company. And fully affirmed the contribution to regional economic development.
  The socialist market economy needs to pay taxes in good faith. From the planned economy to the market economy, China has only been in the past 20 years. The market economy is a legal economy, and it is a credible economy. Without honesty, people cannot trade safely. Integrity construction and moral system construction are particularly important. Credit taxation is an important part of it, and it is also a prominent expression of integrity between the government and citizens. As the main body of the market and the A-level tax credit unit, Jiangxi Bio has profoundly realized the benefits brought by tax payment and honest tax payment. Our company earnestly handles tax-related matters and actively pays taxes. This is in exchange for the improvement of the management level of the enterprise and the enhancement of the comprehensive competitiveness of the market. The good image of the company has promoted the healthy development of our company. The ability to achieve these results is mainly attributable to our company's correct understanding of taxation and scientific understanding of taxation policies.
  Due to the rapid development of China's economy, the country's macro-control policies will move in response to time and circumstances. Tax policy as one of the macro policies is more complex and volatile. Corporate leaders highly value this objective factor. Timely collection of tax-related policy change information, corporate management.
  The layer strives to learn, research, and accurately grasp the essence of the policy through various channels, and then scientifically handle all tax-related matters, so that we can master the tax policy in a dynamic way, strategizing and calmly responding scientifically. This is planning tax payment. In combination with the actual taxation of our enterprises, we must do legal, scientific and reasonable tax planning. Our company always insists on the following points: (1) Advance. Before the tax business operation, it is necessary to combine the corporate activities with a planned understanding of the relevant laws and regulations of the tax law to achieve reasonable and legal planning. (2) Legal. Plan on the premise of complying with tax laws and tax policies. (3) Comprehensive. It is necessary to carry out the whole process of production and operation activities, comprehensively coordinate the overall interests, and take into account local and overall interests in the short-term development period. (4) Timely. The collection of tax policy change information must be rapid.
  In the future business process, we will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of “diligence, integrity, truth-seeking and innovation”, demonstrate the style of honest taxpaying enterprises with practical actions, promote the development of enterprises, and provide consumers with quality products and good services. At the same time, fulfill your social responsibilities and obligations and contribute to society. Integrity and taxation according to law is an important manifestation of "patriotism and law-abiding, honesty and integrity". Every taxpayer applies laws and ethics to guide and restrain his tax-related behaviors, consciously enhance the awareness of honesty and taxation, establish a tax patriotic spirit, and strive to be taxed in good faith. The model of civilization, let us start from now, and together become the act of honesty and tax payment.