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Scientific and technological innovation, giving play to its advantages, quality upgrading, ------ playing the strong sound of the earth science development in central Yunnan

Scientific and technological innovation, giving play to its advantages, quality upgrading, ------ playing the strong sound of the earth science development in central Yunnan

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2012/10/08 14:57
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  Entering the Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products, an innovative demonstration enterprise in the Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, a new atmosphere of innovation came to the fore. A GMP technical transformation project for the tetanus antitoxin production line with an investment of more than 35 million yuan to improve product quality and meet the 2010 GMP requirements is intensifying construction. Another key technology of anti-rabies virus serum and antivenom serum is “heavyweight”. The start of the GMP technical reform of the research and freeze-drying production line is also in full swing.
  In response to the call for the construction of a 100 billion park in the well-opening area, the company decided to expand the original comprehensive workshop in February 2012 and added a new tetanus antitoxin production line. After the production line is completed, it will increase 50 million units based on the original production scale. Capacity, increase production capacity by 100%. In 2014, it will invest nearly 40 million yuan to upgrade the existing production line and change it to GMP transformation of new products and freeze-drying production lines of current products. The technical transformation project of our institute is being carried out in an orderly and orderly manner with the help of the leaders of the Jingkai District Management Committee and the competent authorities.
  In this year, the company must complete the production task with quality and quantity (the production task is increased by 15% on the basis of 2012), and in the case of completing the technical transformation project on schedule, in order to effectively promote the technological transformation project as soon as possible, quality and quantity, The company has established a GMP-certified technical transformation project leading group led by the general manager. The leading group consists of a software construction group and a hardware construction group. Each of them has a division of labor and cooperation, and is responsible for nearly 1,500 documents (more than 30 million words). Document preparation and plant facilities, equipment design, inspection, procurement, installation, commissioning, construction supervision and other work. In order to be able to trial production and on-site certification as soon as possible, the whole company has not had rest for the production and technical reform since the second half of 2012. Especially since March this year, more than 20 members of the GMP-certified technical transformation project leading group have persuaded their families to overcome each other. Difficulties, except for holidays, do not rest, work every night until 22 o'clock to go home. Everyone put forward the slogan of "One hundred days of fighting and winning the GMP certification!" The construction units of each project were touched and infected by the professionalism of our team. For this reason, the construction units of each project have taken the initiative to work overtime to increase the construction work. The whole technical reform project is now nearing completion, and now it is entering the installation and commissioning stage of the equipment. Since the project belongs to the first pharmaceutical company in the city to carry out technical reform according to the new GMP requirements, it is also technically reformed according to the highest specifications and the highest standards. The production workshops all use new production line equipment that is imported or domestically leading technology. All relevant controls use automatic control systems, which are currently the most advanced in the world. A number of pharmaceutical companies have come to visit the company. The project is expected to be completed by the end of June. It is expected that the trial production will begin in early July. Before the end of the year, the State Food and Drug Administration will pass the new GMP certification on-site inspection and obtain the first new GMP certificate.
  In recent years, Jiangxi Bio has shouldered the heavy responsibility of building an “anti-toxin backbone enterprise in China's biological products industry with international core competitiveness”. In the construction of scientific research and innovation infrastructure, it invested nearly 70 million yuan to build tetanus antitoxin water injection and freeze-drying production line. . While giving full play to its own advantages, Jiangxi Biology has successively established industry-university-research alliances with research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Jinggangshan University, Lanzhou Separation Research Institute, and Chengdu University of Technology, and has broken through a series of products in terms of product purification and upgrading. Major key technologies form a group of key technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights. Starting from solving the needs of major technology cores, we have established a scientific and technological innovation system based on enterprises, taking advantage of the talents of scientific research institutions and the advantages of enterprise resources, and adopting the integrated approach of production, learning and research to win the high-end product market. new progress. The Jiangxi Bio-Co-project has developed four major new products, of which 80% of the new products have reached the international advanced level and filled the domestic gap.
Driven by technological innovation, the company's international operation has accelerated, and the order volume in the international market has grown rapidly. The domestic market share of the company's products is 70%, and the export market accounts for more than 95% of domestic exports. It is now in more than 30 countries. Drug registration with the region. After the completion of the transformation of the production workshop, the annual output value will reach more than 200 million yuan and local taxes of more than 35 million yuan.
  By comprehensively strengthening the construction of a technological innovation system with enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, and production, education and research, Jiangxi Biotechnology has greatly improved its innovation awareness and capabilities. The pace of new product and new technology development and brand creation has accelerated, and a number of key technologies have been Breakthroughs in products and products have significantly strengthened the core competitiveness of enterprises, and the contribution of technological innovation to economic growth has been continuously improved. Jiangxi Biotechnology regards science and technology innovation as an important engine to support the leap-forward development of the economy and society. The technological innovation in the dominant industry has made important breakthroughs. The high-tech industry has developed rapidly and the radiation belt has been significantly enhanced. In 2012, Jiangxi Bio has 2 patent applications for the whole year, and the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress to economic growth has increased to over 42%. The effectiveness of enterprise technology innovation is mainly reflected in increasing investment, overcoming a number of key technologies, developing a number of high-tech new products, promoting the upgrading of industrial structure and the development of strategic emerging industries; cultivating and expanding the technology-focused innovation support platform. Improve industrial innovation capabilities.
  At present, Jiangxi biology is in a critical period of accelerating the transformation of economic development mode. Faced with the dual task of “rushing” and “turning”, technological innovation is the key to embarking on the model of innovation-driven and endogenous growth. In the future, we will speed up the establishment and improvement of the system and mechanism for leading industrial technology R&D and innovation, and promote enterprises to truly become the mainstay of innovation demand, R&D investment, technology development and application of results, and benefits of innovation. Jiangxi Biology will take more solid measures and actively build a dynamic support system to promote scientific development. It will play a strong sound in the era of scientific development, catching up with, and synchronizing well-off in the land of Langzhong.