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Jiang Sheng has you witnessed growth---2012 annual meeting report

Jiang Sheng has you witnessed growth---2012 annual meeting report

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2012/02/13 14:55
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  Time flies, the years go by, the busy 2012 is over, and the year 2013 is coming to us. In the new year, new goals and hopes were born. On the afternoon of February 6, 2013, Jiangxi Bio 2013 Company Work Summary Meeting and Advanced Commendation Conference was held in the training center on the third floor of the company office building.
  First of all, Liu Xiaoan, the company's deputy general manager, expounded the strategic theme of the company in the coming year: “Expanding the horizon, cultivating and strengthening the strategic bio-industry, innovative thinking, and actively promoting the efficiency-based transformation and upgrading”. Vice President Liu summed up the situation of Jiangxi's biological development in 2012 and proposed the new goals of the company in 2013.
  In the past year, the company's various business indicators have improved significantly, the performance has reached a record high, the professional team is gradually taking shape, Jiangxi bio-products have brand advantages, which are inseparable from the work of all members of the company. Pay. At the conclusion meeting, the company also commended employees and collectives who have outstanding performance and contributions in the company's various work in 2012, Chairman and General Manager Yao Xiaodong, Vice Premier Xiao Ying, etc.
  The company's senior executives personally issued certificates and bonuses for outstanding employees, and at the same time commended the requirements of all employees to work hard in the new year, to contribute their own strength to the company's development. All the staff of the company also presented the most sincere blessings and the most enthusiastic applause for the outstanding employees and the collectives. They used them as an example to learn from them and strive for the better tomorrow of Jiangxi Bio. All my colleagues are all happy, nervous and uplifting.
  After the conclusion meeting, the company held a grand New Year's dinner at the “Heaven and Earth” Hotel in Ji'an County. The atmosphere of the whole dinner was lively, active, harmonious and united. The various forms of songs, dances, essays and games were varied, and the performances were fascinating and fascinating. The performances that everyone devoted to show all of Jiangsheng’s innovative and confident style. There is also an exciting lottery in the middle, and the company's leaders and employees interact with each other so that applause and cheers are swaying from time to time at the dinner party. Everyone enjoys a sumptuous dinner and celebrates the new year.
Through this annual meeting, all the staff unanimously stated that the Jiangxi Bio-Family is happy and warm, so that everyone feels warm. Everyone hopes that in the new year, Jiangxi Bio can make great strides and make greater contributions to the society... At this point, the company's annual meeting has successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere.