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Leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology visited our institute for scientific and technological innovation research

Leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology visited our institute for scientific and technological innovation research

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2013/03/23 14:49
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  On the afternoon of March 23, 2013, Zhu Hong, member of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, led the team to visit our research and production and technology innovation projects. Mr. Wang Liming, Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Deputy Director of the Provincial Industry and Information Committee, Wan Qingsheng, Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government, Liu Xianqing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jingkai District, Liu Zhijian, Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Wang Xiaoqing, Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Lu Zhikun, and the Municipal Work Committee Director Peng Kaile and other leaders accompanied the company, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the provincial and municipal labor committees, and the Jingkai District. The research team focused on the strategic development plan and recent production and operation of our institute, and investigated the progress in the use of funds and technological innovations in our science and technology projects and the scientific research results obtained.
  The research team and the team led by Zhu Hong as the chief engineer, went deep into the production line of our factory, and inspected the serum chamber digestion, ultrafiltration, sterilization filtration, filling room filling, ampoules washing, packaging room packaging, logistics department library real estate At the work site such as finished products, they asked while looking at them, listened to the production process requirements of each process in detail, and carefully observed the main technical equipment of the workshop. After listening to the resources of the Institute, we actively carried out school-enterprise cooperation and participated in overseas cooperation. After learning from each other's strengths and complementing each other's scientific and technological innovations, Zhu Hongren said that Jiangxi Bio has fully played an important role in the platform for technological innovation, accumulating innovative resources, attracting innovative talents, cracking innovation topics, and transforming innovations. , deepened innovation cooperation and promoted innovation drive. He hopes that in the next step, we can continue to rely on colleges and universities, base on Jiangxi, radiate the country, go global, increase scientific and technological innovation, further implement innovation, and create more brilliant achievements on the road of scientific and technological innovation.



  After the on-site inspection, the research team listened carefully to the report on the current GMP certification upgrade and upgrade work and the progress of new projects. First of all, Chairman and General Manager Yao Xiaodong expressed warm welcome to the leaders of the company on behalf of the company, and reported the company's work from the basic situation of the company, the company's development strategy, the existing problems and solutions. Director Lu of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology believes that Jiangxi Biotechnology has advanced production technology and good product market prospects. The development of new series of products is aimed at the country's shortage of products. It is hoped that Jiangxi Bio will rely on the national GMP certification and reform to win more support from national policies. Subsequently, Director Wang of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology spoke on the production and operation of the company. He pointed out that the leadership team of the company unites and forge ahead, leads all employees, puts the economic benefits of the enterprise at the forefront, and strives to advance the operation of new projects in an all-round way. Strong determination and confidence. He demanded that first, we must profoundly understand the current economic situation and do a good job of various countermeasures. Second, scientifically analyze the deficiencies in the management work, strengthen the crisis awareness, and strictly guard against operational risks. Third, strengthen the sense of responsibility, strengthen management, and accelerate the promotion. Construction of new products and new projects.



  Liu Xianqing, deputy mayor of the municipal government, said that after years of development, Jiangxi Bio has accumulated a large number of innovative talents, is transforming a number of scientific and technological innovations, integrating a number of resources, exploring a unique development path and improving the technology of biological products. Status is an important resource, an important platform and an important brand of Ji'an City, and has contributed to the economic and social development of Jingkai District. He said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attaches great importance to the development of Jiangxi's biology. In the future, the municipal government, Jingkai District and other relevant departments will continue to care for and support Jiangxi's biology and further promote the innovative development of biotechnology.
At the research meeting, Zhu Hong, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, finally emphasized three points on how to strengthen and expand the bio-industry:
  First, we must plan carefully. Enterprises should take the development of the bio-industry as the top priority of their current work, firmly grasp the current favorable opportunities, combine the actual conditions, adapt to local conditions, concentrate their efforts, increase their efforts, and quickly set off a wave of technological innovation.
Second, we must form a joint force. Practically promote the upgrading of new projects, expand the scale of multi-variety construction of the industry, and create a characteristic pillar industry. This is not only the need for the development of biological characteristics in Jiangxi, but also the development of biological industry. Biological products are the national key support projects. Jiangxi Bio has a good foundation. In the upgrade, it is necessary to consolidate the superior position of the products, and use this radiation to promote the better and faster development of the bio-industry chain.



  Third, we must see the prospect. In the production and operation management, we must strengthen our confidence, attach great importance to the promotion of scientific and technological innovation to the development of the industry, and expand the product channels through the establishment of an independent research and development platform, and strive to form a newer, more comprehensive and more homogeneous high-quality and high-efficiency serum products, which are immune to anti-toxins. Serum drives the industry and becomes a characteristic industry and pillar industry of Jiangxi.
  After the investigation, Jiang Hongtao, the leader of the decision-making committee, gave a detailed explanation of the subject of the survey. He asked all my colleagues to fully understand the important position of the company in biological products. I hope that we will try our best to build four first-class: first-class management, first-class team, first-class efficiency, and first-class benefits.