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Serious planning, paying attention to the market, accelerating development, old enterprises, new flowers, different colors

Serious planning, paying attention to the market, accelerating development, old enterprises, new flowers, different colors

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2013/11/21 14:47
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  At 10 o'clock on the morning of November 20, 2013, Wang Ping, secretary of the municipal party committee, accompanied by the vice mayor Liu Xianqing and other leaders of the municipal government, accompanied by the secretary of the Jingkai District, Liu Zhijian, director Deng Shubin, deputy director, Liu Daxu, Wu Lei and other party and government leaders, I came to Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products, a key enterprise in Jingkai District, to conduct research.
  Every time Wang Shuji arrives, he has a cordial conversation with relevant responsible persons to learn more about the production, sales and benefits, and employee income. General Yao first introduced the company's development plan, comprehensive planning of the workshop production line, new GMP certification and transformation, product technology upgrades and other matters. When Wang Shuji heard that our company relied on its own strength, it invested 38 million yuan to carry out technological upgrading and transformation, and was certified by the expert group of the National Food and Drug Certification Center in the same year. At the same time, when receiving the praise from the on-site inspection and certification experts, Secretary Wang Ping was pleased. Said: "Your enterprise is not equal, the initiative to take the position, self-raised funds, strengthen the spirit of management is worthy of our institutions and institutions to learn about your company's new GMP certification to promote management changes, becoming the first to be the first in the city's pharmaceutical companies I am proud of the company that has obtained the new GMP certification." At the scene, she asked the management department of the Jingkai District Management Committee to give more care and support to the enterprise in terms of manpower, material resources and financial resources.
  Accompanied by Yao Xiaodong, the company's chairman and general manager, Secretary Wang Ping went deep into the production line to inspect the staff's work site. When he came to the comprehensive workshop hall, Mr. Yao first introduced to the research team that the company plans to invest 0.8 billion yuan to carry out the product. Upgrade and carry out technical transformation and new product development. The research team introduced the layout, input and output of the two lines of workshop A and B, and introduced the main differences between the original production line A and the new version of the line B. Accompanied by the research team and the team visited the operation of the new and old production lines. Secretary Wang Ping inquired in detail about the main advantages of technological transformation in the new production line, and made a detailed answer to Wang Shuji and his entourage on the guarantee effect of product quality improvement. When the research team came to the raw material warehouse and saw various new product research and development raw materials, they were pleased to ask about the progress of new product research and development, research and development of technical capabilities, whether they need local government coordination and other issues, and to stop the dangerous diseases of our company. The new products are full of confidence and expect new products to be listed as soon as possible to serve the broad masses of the people. When I came to the finished product warehouse, I saw that the inventory turnover was fast. When I exported the product samples, I asked about the export situation of the products. When I learned that the products of our company were the largest in the domestic and foreign markets, Secretary Wang Ping said with pleasure: The Kailuan area still has such a good enterprise. It’s really a hidden tiger. And the leader of the Jingkai District Management Committee said: "You are ambushing. Jiangxi is both an old enterprise and a new enterprise. Old enterprises are renewing new machines, and new enterprises are innovating to high-tech. Enterprises like this should focus on supporting them. Strengthen the refinement, standardization, and automatic operation of the management department, serve the enterprise well, and further activate the staff letter, environmental protection, economics, human society, finance and taxation, industry and commerce and other relevant departments to enhance more services, provide more policies, financial support, and mobilize The broad masses of cadres establish the idea of ​​serving enterprises and establish a mature management mechanism to enable enterprises to develop faster and better."
  After the on-site inspection, Secretary Wang Ping was in the hall of the comprehensive workshop, and the leaders of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the management committee of the Jingkai District pointed out that it was indeed a good situation from the visit. The company showed a brand-new image, currently in Jiangxi. Biological products have formed a certain scale, received certain benefits, and accumulated a certain amount of experience, but there are still problems of small varieties. All departments at all levels must be carefully planned, carefully organized, and firmly grasp the good spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, widely launched, and quickly set off a wave of assistance to enterprises and deepen development. The national development zone is a pilot force. If others dare not do it, we must do it first. If others dare not try it, we must try it first. You are already doing what others are doing, and creating a good situation that is faster and superior. We will make every effort to build a characteristic pillar industry of the city's bio-industry.
  Secretary Wang Ping also emphasized three points on how to strengthen and expand the industry in our company: First, we must carefully plan. Enterprises, especially enterprise investors and management teams, should take the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry as the top priority of their current work, firmly grasp the current favorable opportunities, combine actual conditions, adapt to local conditions, concentrate energy, increase efforts, and extensively carry out school-enterprise cooperation. Quickly set off a wave of production quality and technological innovation. Second, we must accelerate research and development. Expand the R&D investment of new products and new technologies, continuously innovate management mechanisms, and form scale in the fields of biopharmaceuticals and anti-toxins. This is not only the need to create a characteristic pillar industry, but also the need for the development of the city's characteristics. Third, we must pay attention to the market. We must attach great importance to the promotion of marketing to the development of the industrial market, and strive to form a biomedical information exchange center by establishing product display bases, building demonstration sites and sales platforms. Further expand sales channels, increase the intensity of export sales, promote sales through sales, and transform the bio-pharmaceutical industry into a characteristic industry and pillar industry of the city.
  Finally, Secretary Wang Ping said that your employees and enterprises have contributed to the local economic construction and thank you for your hard work! At the same time, on behalf of the research team, the team expressed their condolences to the employees on the front line! I wish the company and employees to develop together and make great strides!