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Debut on the stage to promote development, to be eloquent and to be excellent ---- "Jiangsheng Cup" GMP Knowledge Competition Report

Debut on the stage to promote development, to be eloquent and to be excellent ---- "Jiangsheng Cup" GMP Knowledge Competition Report

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2013/12/13 14:42
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  In order to strengthen employees' understanding of GMP knowledge of drug quality management norms and master the SOP operation documents, create a good learning atmosphere, enhance corporate cohesion, and consolidate and deepen employees' ability to master and skillfully apply GMP knowledge. On December 28, 2013, we ushered in the 4th “Jiangsheng Cup” GMP Knowledge and Quality Management Knowledge Competition of Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products. The six teams from the company's departments and departments, including the serogroup, sub-assembly group, packaging group, production department, and public engineering group, quality group, and comprehensive group, have been fully prepared to dispatch the elite soldiers to stage the stage, and the GMP knowledge is high. Next, the first in terms of production quality management capabilities. The members of the company's management team came to the competition site to cheer up the contestants with Jiangsheng staff.
  At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, all the colleagues who participated in the competition have already arrived, and the host's beautiful debut has opened the fun knowledge contest. The host first introduced the rules and requirements of the competition. After that, Yao Xiaodong, chairman and general manager of the company, made a speech and announced that the GMP knowledge competition officially began.


  The competition consists of practical questions such as mandatory questions, rush questions, timing questions, risk questions and other practical questions such as sterile dressing, covering GMP knowledge, corporate management, corporate culture, and SOP documents for production operations. Each participating representative is full of confidence and confident. During the competition, every player will go all out and never give up, and skillfully answer the contest questions.
  In the stage of answering questions, the players of each team carefully grasped each opportunity to answer each other and compete for every opportunity. The atmosphere of the competition was intense and enthusiastic. In the actual operation of the competition, the players explained while operating, and the audience members under the audience understood the operation level, which not only improved the operation level of the competitors, but also standardized the actual operational strength of the employees' work. the benefits of. In the risk test period, the contestants fully demonstrated the great strength of Jiangsheng employees. They disregarded the gains and losses of the game results, and dared to challenge the high level. The spirit of the competition of the players, the style of the competition, the level of the game, the game I am really charming.
  The flashing competition stage is full of precious "master tricks". During the fierce competition, everyone relives the "GMP knowledge" and combines the actual work to answer the competition questions. Finally, the quality department scores 390 points. The defending champion, the packing room and the serum room won the third and runner-up respectively.
  Through this competition, the company's cohesiveness and centripetal force have been enhanced, the knowledge of employees has been broadened, and the core role of corporate culture has been exerted. Fully mobilized the enthusiasm of employees to work and study, a group of professionals with solid drug management theory and cultural literacy stood out from the crowd and laid a solid foundation for promoting the company's product quality. In addition, through the activities of all employees to understand the shortcomings, and found their own loopholes in the work. All the staff said that they will seize the time to check and make up the leak after the game. The company will continue to strengthen targeted training in the future work to comprehensively improve the staff's culture and professional quality.