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Solidarity, hard work, hard work, 2013 work summary, commendation conference report

Solidarity, hard work, hard work, 2013 work summary, commendation conference report

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2014/01/22 14:38
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  The snake snake retired from the old age, and Ma Teng reported the spring! The busy 2013 is over, and the year of 2014 is coming to us. The new year means a new starting point, new opportunities, and new challenges.


  On the afternoon of January 21, 2014, Jiangxi Bio-2013 Work Summary and Advanced Commendation Conference was held in the training center on the third floor of the office building. On behalf of the company's management team, Liu Xiao'an, the deputy general manager, made a concluding remark on the theme of “transformation and upgrading at the time, opening up the market quality first, and going abroad.” In the past year, the company's management team has insisted on one-handed production and management, and has upgraded and upgraded the new version of GMP certification. Since the launch of the new version of GMP certification, members of the certification office have carried forward the spirit of hard work and responsibility, overcoming difficulties such as tight time, heavy tasks and great pressure, and devoted themselves to production and certification. They are overloaded, take the initiative to give up holiday breaks, convince their families, work overtime until 10 o'clock in the middle of the night. During the on-site construction supervision process, they went to the construction site every day to inspect and supervise the construction quality. When the problems were found, the construction party was notified of the rectification and the race was time-to-time. The company and employees pay attention to the leading role of corporate culture, highlight the execution of GMP, and build the overall management process chain of production and quality with the requirements of “fine, accurate and strict”, and realize the “quality, execution and measures”. While actively completing various production and management tasks, all employees of the company will invest all their spare time in the new GMP certification work, and better achieve the production and certification.


  At the conclusion and commendation meeting, Ji Chong, the chief technical engineer of the company, read out the 2013 commendation for advanced collectives, excellent employees and advanced workers. Liu Genshun, assistant general manager, read out the list of people who announced the difficulty of obtaining family assistance insurance and assistance. The management team then awarded awards and bonuses to advanced collectives and individuals; in recognition of the call for all employees to seriously pursue advanced learning initiatives.
  Finally, General Manager Yao Xiaodong made a comprehensive speech on the work in 2013. He said that 2013 was a very unusual year. Everyone gave him a production side certification and made breakthroughs again and again, and finally achieved a comprehensive victory in GMP certification. This is the biggest highlight in 2013 and a major chronicle in the development of Jiangsheng. We are proud and proud.
  Then he analyzed the shortcomings and difficulties that existed in 2013. In response to the current situation, the overall goal for 2014 was put forward. He said that in 2014, we will comprehensively reform and innovate, with project construction as the overall starting point, promote the dual-core strategy of “drugs, agriculture and animal husbandry”, strengthen Jiangxi biology, and become a big Tianma creature. Promote the integration of Gan and Gan, and catch up with the new world, and create a new situation for development. In the new year, we will make full use of the favorable conditions of the new GMP and new production lines, actively explore new processes and new parameters, improve product quality and revenue, explore more flexible management and employment mechanisms, and innovate sales models to gradually expand independent marketing. New market channels. I hope that in the new year, in the face of new goals, everyone will work together to "work together, work harder, and build on the next level," and work hard to achieve new goals!