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General Manager Yao Xiaodong participated in the Pharmaceutical Industry Research Conference hosted by the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee

General Manager Yao Xiaodong participated in the Pharmaceutical Industry Research Conference hosted by the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee

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2016/04/11 11:25
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  Focusing on accelerating the development of the province's bio-pharmaceutical industry, the provincial party secretary, Qiangwei, conducted a full-day special investigation in enterprises and universities on April 6th, and then hosted the eighth enterprise monthly meeting on April 7 to hear relevant Suggestions for the person in charge of the company. He emphasized that promoting the development of clusters in the biomedical industry is a refocus of cultivating strategic emerging industries in our province and an important measure to achieve transformational development and upgrading. The whole province should thoroughly implement the important requirements of the general secretary of the in-depth internship on the development and upgrading of the Chinese medicine industry, clarify the strategic positioning and industrial development direction, seize opportunities, promote superiority, enhance the industrial level, innovation ability and service level, and accelerate me. Provincial biomedical industry development. Provincial leaders Zhu Hong, Gong Jianhua, Xie Ru, and Li Yuhuang accompanied the research or participated in the symposium.
  Qiangwei came to the Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products to enter the workshop, watch products, talk about the market, and learn more about technological innovation, production and operation, and market sales. He affirmed the company's efforts to continuously increase capital investment and actively participate in technology research and development. He said that innovation is the lifeblood of enterprise development. It is necessary to accurately tap the market potential, carry out precise technical research, strengthen links with universities and research institutes, adhere to the combination of production, education and research, and continue to promote innovation-driven development strategies. At the forum, Jiangxi Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jimin Trust Group Co., Ltd., Renhe (Group) Development Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Fuxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Nanchang Lijian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi The Institute of Biological Products, Jiangxi Hanshi United Stem Cell Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Sanxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Hongda Medical Devices Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other enterprises and institutions are responsible for the establishment of the industry-university-research consortium and The topics of innovation incentives, platform construction, and sales models have revealed their insights. Strong guards require relevant departments to seriously study and absorb relevant opinions and suggestions.
  How to make the featured industries into advantageous industries and promote the better and faster development of the province's bio-pharmaceutical industry.
  - To upgrade the industrial level. The bio-pharmaceutical industry in our province is faced with the dual task of increasing the total amount and improving the quality. All enterprises should devote their efforts to the superior industries such as proprietary Chinese medicines and medical devices, and give full play to the advantages of factor agglomeration and supporting facilities to cultivate more leading enterprises and industries. The development of the cluster is oriented, accelerating the construction of a complete industrial chain, replenishing the chain of advantageous industries, and effectively improving the overall development level of the industry.
  - To enhance the ability to innovate. Enterprises should highlight the status of innovation, vigorously promote innovation in science and technology, industry, products and brands, and focus on technological breakthroughs; actively focus on the "Internet + medicine" development model, aim at the key links of the leading and driving role of the industry chain, aiming at new types of In the fields of diagnosis and treatment technology, health management, and pharmaceutical e-commerce, we are striving to expand new growth points. The government should actively build an innovation platform to promote the transformation of innovation results; it must innovate financial support methods and support major innovation and industrialization projects.
  - To improve service levels. It is necessary to implement the policy documents such as the upcoming "Jiangxi Biomedical Industry Development Action Plan" and further improve the development mechanism of the biomedical industry. It is necessary to do a good job in the accurate assistance work for enterprises, classify and implement policies, and focus on helping solve outstanding problems in corporate finance, talents, and marketing. It is necessary to strengthen the study and propaganda of relevant policies, and guide enterprises to strictly accept management and use sufficient policies.