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Our company was approved by the expert group of the provincial enterprise technology center.

Our company was approved by the expert group of the provincial enterprise technology center.

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2014/10/09 11:38
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  On October 8th, 2014, our company's technology research and development center was jointly recognized as “provincial enterprise technology center” by the Provincial Industry and Commerce Commission, Provincial Finance Department, Provincial Local Taxation Bureau and Provincial State Taxation Bureau, indicating that our company's scientific and technological innovation work was unveiled. A new chapter.
  The company's R&D center is a high-level, high-level research and development institution, the core of the company's technological innovation system, and the main support for the company's technological innovation and technological progress. As a provincial technical organization, the establishment of the “Enterprise Technology Center” has established a platform for promoting technological innovation in the biomedical industry. The “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” settled in Jiangxi Bio, filling the gap in the serum field of the biopharmaceutical industry in our province. This marks a new achievement and breakthrough in the construction of the company's technology center, and the company's technology research and development capabilities and innovation system has reached a new level.
  In order to give full play to the role of the enterprise technology center in the company's production process and enhance its position in the industry, the company applied for the “provincial enterprise technology center” in June 2014. In October 2014, the company passed the online preliminary evaluation, expert on-site verification, comprehensive defense, comprehensive review, and lasted for half a year, successfully passed the “provincial enterprise technology center”. After the enterprise successfully passes the technical center certification, the project declared by the company will be preferentially included in the provincial technology innovation and science and technology project plan; at the same time, if the annual evaluation result is excellent provincial technology center, it will be given a general report, and the recommended reporting country will be given priority. Level technology center, national high-tech industry development and science and technology special projects. Imported equipment from the company's scientific research projects can purchase foreign top equipment duty-free.
  Since the establishment of the company's enterprise technology center, it is mainly responsible for the research and development of new products and new processes; the introduction and absorption of new equipment and new technologies; and the training and training of technical talents; including the collection of technical information and the formulation of technical standards. In the past few years, the technology center has been committed to the research and development and application of anti-venom serum, anti-rabies serum research, production process transformation, energy saving and other technologies. So far, a number of technologies have been introduced and developed for the research and application of multi-valent anti-venom serum and the use of energy-saving technical transformation projects for gas boilers. The establishment of the Technology Center has successively applied for two national invention patents.
  The identification of the company's technology center is not only an affirmation of the company's technical research and development and innovation work for many years, but also puts forward higher requirements for the further development of the technology center. The company will take this as a driving force and opportunity to give full play to the “production, study and research” platform of the technology center, concentrate resources and favorable conditions, and continuously improve the process design and product upgrade capability based on the existing technical capabilities and business, and cultivate the company in engineering. The design, research and development, and the competitiveness of the high value-added bio-pharmaceutical industry have turned the company's technology center into a bio-pharmaceutical industry R&D center, thereby realizing the company's industrial upgrading and rapid and sustainable development.
  In the future, the company will take advantage of the enterprise technology center, continuously carry out technical transformation of production processes and products, optimize process technology and product indicators, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises, and focus on establishing a multi-disciplinary and high-quality professional technical team. Providing technical and talent guarantee for the company's healthy development, and fully preparing for the “national-level enterprise technology center” in 2017.